Studio Shows, Special Events, Sports & More!

Studio Shows

RTN has a line-up of various shows produced by our members. From video games to sitcoms, RTN provides its viewers with all types of entertainment.

  • RTN News—This is RTN’s News Program that brings students up-to-date Rowan, local, and national news. This show is shot in-studio.
  • Game On!—Game On! focuses on video game news around the world giving you the most recent updates and features. Game On! also has it’s hosts and guests play popular video games for fun. This show is shot in-studio.
  • All Access with the Profs— All Access has you covered when it comes to Rowan sports. They cover all sports on campus and interview the athletes. This is an in-studio show.
  • Rowan Roulette—This is your classic comedic debate show and one of RTN's oldest game shows, is all improv and laughs where contestants compete to win prizes, have fun, and be the "Greatest Debater." This is an in-studio show.
  • On The Couch—On The Couch is a weekly student talk show that puts members of the Rowan community in the spotlight. This is RTN’s longest running show. This is an in-studio and out-of-studio show.

On the Couch

Game ON!

All Access with the Profs

RTN News

Rowan Roulette


If working in the sports industry is where you want to be, than RTN is the place for you! Come join our sports crew and become a part of the sports production team. You will get live hands on experience while watching your favorite sports.

Behind the scenes not for you? Then why not come be an announcer or sideline commentator! You still get the live hands on experience, but a completely different aspect of the production

Special Events

Almost every week we have one to two special events happening on campus that RTN covers. This includes some Rowan After Hours events, Homecoming, Last Lectures, Rowan’s Got Talent, Profstock and so much more! Get a behind-the-scene look while gaining live production experience.

There are many positions you can try out at a special event. You can be a camera operator, assistant director, director, or technical director among other positions.

Any questions can be directed to our Special Events Producers Olivia Fasano and Sarah Litvin.